John Murphy, Half Hourly Data Collection Manager, Northern Electric and Gas

"Metercom reads meters that most other systems fail to even access adequately. We approached the 100% success mark, thanks to Pilot systems.”

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Staff at the head office of the global security firm ADT now know what energy
they are using each time they walk past reception. Displayed as a speedo-dial,
instant energy consumption is shown, together with daily readings for kWh,
cost and carbon.


Raising awareness reduces consumption by 5% without doing
anything else, according to the Carbon Trust, and Nigel Orchard CEO at Pilot Systems,
the smart metering provider claims this can be a lot more. The display is very effective.
“We need fiscal data independently,and we got it pretty much instantly thanks to
Pilot Systems” says Tony McGrory, Energy Manager at ADT Securities.

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