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ImageFuller Smith and Turner, the world famous West London based brewery and landlord are saving 17.5% energy running MeterPods at pubs and hotels througout the South East region.

"The 12 pubs that we've trialed with Pilot will have saved £30,000 this year in electricity costs. We couldn't believe how simple it would be"

Melinda McDougall, Group Purchasing Manager, Fullers

Fullers are already benefiting from energy savings from this exciting new technology. Each manager can view consumption from a single page graph that arrives by email once a month. 10 minutes is all it takes to make common-sense decisions about how to save. And this can be up to 25%, says Nigel Orchard, Managing Director of Pilot Systems. With some pub electricity bills now at over £50K a year, you have to sell a lot of beer to better that margin.

Amy, Manager, Fullers - The Mint Public House, London E1

I’m a bit of a technophobe but setting this up was easy; now all I do is save money.

ImageGrant Hawthorne, Manager Fine Line Restaurant, London EC3

We weren't sure that the utility bill was for our electricity; now the MeterPod helps us match our consumption with what we’re paying for

Kenny, Manager Fullers Vesbar, London W6

We’ve got a young clientele and they are passionate about the environment and sustainability. Running the MeterPod makes sure we’re doing our bit for our customers.

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