How Much?

How often do you check your bank account? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month?

What if we told you that your bank didn't keep track of your money and just approximated it... you'd check more often, wouldn't you?

With metering this is going on today... over 50% of consumption is estimated! If this is a concern you share, talk to Pilot Systems today.


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Let's Talk 'Total Metering'
CHIRPS is a universal meter communications tool which supports any FLAG compatible meter. It supports:

  • Hand held units (using the optical FLAG port)
  • In-station PCs (using modem, Paknet and GSM)
  • Building automation applications, through embedded firmware (using GPRS, SMS (text messaging) and low power radio)

CHIRPS is a mini operating system - automatically detecting meter vendor and product types. It allows different vendors to provide standard functions and services, independently of each other, with a virtually unlimited upgrade path. CHIRPS has become a universal platform for meter data interchange.

For Utilities:

  • A standard sets of metering functions for operators to work with
  • A single support tool for programming and reading meters on site
  • A compatibility standard for meters and metering systems

For Meter Vendors:

  • The ability to set up standard metering functions required by Utilities
  • The ability to have a range of Hand Held Units, without having to support them directly
  • The ability to support metering communications, by working with a simple ASCII file set
  • The ability to conform to industry standards, without first revealing unique metering features

For Communications Providers and System Integrators

  • The ability to provide detailed metering functionality within their systems, without needing the same level of detailed metering knowledge
  • The ability to conform to industry standards without needing to partner with every meter vendor
  • The ability to implement "compatibility in advance"

CHIRPS Scenarios

  • Register reading of complex tariff meters
  • Backup for remote meter reading
  • Instantaneous demand measurement remotely
  • Works in conjunction with Metercom and MeterPod Pilot Systems products
  • Downloading meter technical details directly from a meter

Here are some of the main meter manufacturers who already include CHIRPS in their support tool: Elster, Actaris, Ampy, PRI, Horstman, Iskra, Cewe, Landis and Gyr, Itron Streetwise

Think that CHIRPS could work for you? Contact us and see what 'universal' could mean to your business.

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