How Much?

How often do you check your bank account? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month?

What if we told you that your bank didn't keep track of your money and just approximated it... you'd check more often, wouldn't you?

With metering this is going on today... over 50% of consumption is estimated! If this is a concern you share, talk to Pilot Systems today.


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Suite Solutions
At Pilot Systems, we believe that we have developed the answer to metering problems. Our work on the original FLAG protocol means that we have an intricate (and unmatched) understanding of what makes electricity meters 'tick'. We have therefore developed a suite of smart solutions that allows partners to gain access to almost any electricity meter.

Metercom is the premier HHD collection service, and is the easiest to set up, meaning that generally no estimation is required and 99.9% of all HHD meters can be accessed. Read more…

MeterPod is our latest product. It is wonderfully simple piece of kit, which works in conjunction with Metercom. It is attached to the front of non-communicating meters, and, through a built-in modem, sends relevant usage and interval data. Read more…

CHIRPS is a universal communications tool that allows many varied devices to interface with meters. Read more…

Pilot Lite

Pilot Lite is our Energy Saving service for SMEs - save up to 25% just by knowing what you use and when

Want to to see these products in action? Then Contact Pilot to find out more.

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