How Much?

How often do you check your bank account? Once a day? Once a week? Once a month?

What if we told you that your bank didn't keep track of your money and just approximated it... you'd check more often, wouldn't you?

With metering this is going on today... over 50% of consumption is estimated! If this is a concern you share, talk to Pilot Systems today.


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Technical Leadership
When it comes to experiencing Pilot Systems, our service, products and methodologies - what all our partners notice is that we offer the best solutions. We believe this is a result of our desire for continued technical leadership. We don't target aggressive sales, preferring to leave that to the businesses we work with; we simply aim to provide the neatest, most effective data solutions possible.

Independent and Inclusive
We are also proud to be independent of any other organisation. We don't offer exclusive deals or tie-ins for any of our products - if a business wants to talk to us about using one or more of our products, then, providing we reach agreement, it will be made available to them.

Partnership Orientated
Ever since our inception in 1989, Pilot Systems has been all about partnerships. Our partners trust us because we know what we're good at, and don't try competing with, or muscling in on their business. They trust us, because we don't suddenly double our pricing. They trust us because we deliver on our promises. They trust us, because we take their business seriously. They trust us because we maintain support of older assets.

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