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Melinda McDougall, Group Purchasing Manager, Fullers

I really appreciate the highlights we are getting with the MeterPod service in our pubs, thanks to Pilot Systems


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Smart Metering Prospectus PDF Print E-mail
Its here, the Smart Metering Prospectus (DCC) published by government following extensive research and consultation with the industry for over four years. The principle of a single controlling body is, in theory, a good one and the next few months will show how this can be achieved in practise. Key will be a good working metering market, not dominated by sector players (for example energy suppliers, distributors, metering businesses, telecoms providers, systems providers). Also the ability for parties to innovate going forward; lets make sure the minimum spec doesn't become the maximum spec. All will play a part; and the winning formula will be the one where the paying energy consumer calls the shots, in partnerships with their suppliers and agents.
Such a model will be achieved with wise scoping and use of technology, and the contractual terms of its use. As an example in a Vision Statement that Nigel Orchard, our MD, offered to the industry in 1997. Such principles are established today, and Pilot Systems is offering to license the technology to businesses who wish to particpate in the market. Our technology represents the lowest cost and risk in the early days of roll-out, has been proven to work, is integrated within many major parties systems, and (as Ofgem put it) places the consumer at the heart. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.
Semb Sorted PDF Print E-mail
Semb Utilities, the industrial power giant are using Metercom from Pilot Systems to remotely read over 300 electricity meters at their Wilton site. “This software is ideal for anyone that wants to integrate fiscal meter data into their energy systems” says Tony Lockhart, IS Projects at Semb. “You get generated energy and complex registers too”, says Nigel Orchard, CEO at Pilot, “which is much more than currently available from most energy suppliers”
The Customer is King PDF Print E-mail
There's currently a lot of publicity about smart metering, and it has been mandated for industrial sites over 5 years. But who will be paying for it - yes you've guessed it, the good old customer. So what does he get for his money, what options does he have, and what can he do if he is not satisfied? If he invests to meet CRC, will this be wasted in a few years time? And that meter on his wall at the moment is digital, and stores all the half-hourly data he needs – what happens to that? Pilot Systems will be hosting a number of seminars in the coming months to address these issues. These will be beneficial to energy users, suppliers, third party system providers and consultants to ensure they remain part of this exciting roll-out.
Our MD features in Sunday Times PDF Print E-mail

Sunday Times Feature - Businesses are doing well in the downturn


EDF Energy roll out CHIRPS™ PDF Print E-mail

EDF Energy, the French-owned giant is rolling out CHIRPS™ hand held software from Pilot Systems. “We already use CHIRPS™ in some areas” says Bob Gibbs, Metering Manager at EDF, “and are requiring CHIRPS™ compatibility in our tenders for new meters”. “CHIRPS™ has been used in the industry for many years in timely and accurate metering”, says Nigel Orchard, MD of Pilot Systems, “it has set the standard for the way digital fiscal meters communicate”, he claims, “and will pave the way for true interoperability”. More information about CHIRPS™ can be found at www.pilotsystems.com


ADT Secure on Energy Consumption PDF Print E-mail

Staff at the head office of the global security firm ADT now know what energy
they are using each time they walk past reception. Displayed as a speedo-dial,
instant energy consumption is shown, together with daily readings for kWh,
cost and carbon.


Remote Metering One Stop Shop PDF Print E-mail
With the cost of energy and sustainability issues now high on the agenda, organisations and individuals are looking for more accurate and timely energy information. With the wide range of meters, communication systems and software to choose from, and the complex issues around compatibility, approvals, installation, support and maintenance, together with an ever increasing range of business needs, Pilot Systems are pleased to offer our Metercom service – the Remote Metering One-Stop Shop. Based on 25 years of metering experience, including the development of the worlds first electronic meter, Pilot Systems are your ideal partner to implement a complete energy management and billing service provision. Use us in some or all areas of automatic meter reading (AMR) to specify, develop technology, procure and install, commission, maintain, read, bill, and manage all types of energy metering. With clients including ESCOs, government estates, major corporations and utilities, the Metercom service is benefiting a wide range of organisations in better managing and controlling energy consumption.
Energy Reading at Supplier Doorstep PDF Print E-mail

"No meter visit?  Send your own", says Nigel Orchard CEO of Pilot Systems, "with revolutionary UMX technology".  The Utility Meter Index uses a database updated nightly by each energy supplier.  SUDS contains the 27 million meter details needed to translate serial number to MPAN, the unique reference used on energy bills.

Customers can now install a MeterPod(TM) to their existing meter, and see daily fiscal meter readings via Internet.  Suppliers have additional access to opening and closing reads.  "Its going to make supplier switching so much easier, and less costly" says one supplier source, "and will also improve the timeliness and accuracy of the bills".

"No other technology provides all 3 smart meter benefits (energy management, timely accurate bills, stronger utility negotiation)" claims Orchard, "and it puts the customer right in the driving seat.  It also paves the way for government-led smart metering at true marginal cost."

The MeterPod and UMX is being demonstrated at the Pilot Systems stand at ESTA Birmingham and London events, including a lunchtime seminar in London

Fullers Stay Cool for Less PDF Print E-mail

Fullers run drinks coolers on less energy, thanks to Pilot Lite and their MeterPod™ technology. “A saving where the cost is negligible and there is no effort on our part” says Giles Pattison, fine bar manager “It’s the perfect situation”. “The principle is simple  - bottled and canned drinks don’t need to be stored cool, only served cool” says Nigel Orchard, CEO of Pilot, “so switch off the chillers with timers until two hours before opening time”.
You save money, and keep the units defrosted, running more efficiently” he continues, “It makes a big difference during hot spells like this summer” .The MeterPod™ was installed last year, as part of a Fullers roll-out program. “It’s just an example of the measures we’re taking to save energy with the MeterPod™” says Melinda McDougall, Group Purchasing Manager at Fullers.

CHIRPS Century 21 PDF Print E-mail

CHIRPS™ the old faithful meter software that has been running on Hand Held Computers since the late 80s is now compatible with Windows PDA devices. “CHIRPS™ still supports all the old meters, and data formats”, says Nigel Orchard who wrote the first version of the core software almost 20 years ago, “and now meter data can be retrieved locally and sent to servers using latest GSM and IP technology.”
“You can still see the strings”, says one avid CHIRPS™ user, “But its doing the job as well as it always has done”. The benefits of CHIRPS™ are being shown at the ESTA event.

Bothered about climate change? Dead right we are! PDF Print E-mail

London’s kids and young people in particular are concerned about use of energy and its effects on climate.  Some schools are very proactive.  St Stephen’s School in Shepherds Bush are starting an “Energy Blog” run by the Science Museum.  “We are trying to get schools to share ideas by creating blogs all about their energy saving activities,” says Nigel Orchard CEO of Pilot Lite, the energy knowledge company.


“Once the school blogs are up and running, other schools can see them and get inspired.  Tamsin Gray at the Science Museum explains “It gets everyone involved; the kids create something that looks impressive and gets them thinking about what they are doing and why. “

“Installing a Pilot MeterPod at our school was the first thing to do,” says headmaster Schumm, “it tells us how much we’re wasting and when.”

Toby Davis down from Oxford University for the summer vacation, is helping out at the B2B London show.  “I live near the Thames now, and don’t want rising sea-levels to affect where I live in 50 years time,” says young Toby.  You can get help to cut your energy costs at the Pilot Lite Stand.  “It makes business sense as well as helps save the environment,” says Orchard, who has spent 15 years developing the technology, “now is the time to take action.”

For mopre information contact:
Nigel Orchard
Pilot Systems
T:  020 8762 9845

Pilot Lite - Slimmer Bill at Sam's Brasserie PDF Print E-mail

Electricity costs are lower at Sam's Brasserie, following a Pilot Lite visit in the autumn.
"Within less than an hour we'd examined the data and identified savings of 20%, merely by switching extractors off when not needed" says Sam Harrison, the proprietor of Sam's Brasserie, voted Time Out Best Local Restaurant of 2006.

"It's not expensive or time-consuming to make savings like this, says Nigel Orchard, "and we are keen to help as many businesses in the same position".

To book a Lite Visit, contact Pillot at:

Pilot Systems
10 Barley Mow Passage
London W4 4PH
T:  020 8762 9845

Pilot Star at Starrett PDF Print E-mail

Starrett, the world renowned tool-maker and saw-blade manufacturer are saving electricity on their furnaces, as a result of a recent Pilot Lite visit.
"That's great software", says Doug Brodie, engineering manager at the Scottish Borders plant, "it's helping us to save energy using plain common sense".

Starret plan to roll-out nine further metering points.  "The main meter gives a lot of information already" says Nigel Orchard, CEO of Pilot Lite, "and you can separate load from other machinery which has a lower power factor from the reactive channel.  It's just another example of how Pilot makes your meter smart".

Pilot Staff on the Energy Case PDF Print E-mail

Many older buildings don’t have centrally controlled heating and rely on different systems in different sections.  These are often controlled by a local thermostat and/or timer by staff in the vicinity.  It it’s too hot, the easiest thing to do is open the window.  Too cold, and we turn the thermostat up to max.  Not the most efficient, but until we know how much we waste like this, what’s the incentive to do anything about it?

Installing more metering is a solution and often the meter is there already and not being used.

"That’s where the MeterPod comes in”, says Christopher Took, from Pilot, “half-hourly consumption graphs are emailed to named recipients in that part of the building; detailed and often enough to be acted on, but not too much to be ignored”.

Pilot can help you by advising how much and what type of metering to install.

For further information contact:

Pilot Systems
T:  020 8762 9845

Pilot Systems - Get Euro Smart PDF Print E-mail

Experts from around Europe met in Madrid as part of a EU funded project to get smart metering benefits to the users.

The European Smart Metering Alliance (ESMA) is inviting stakeholders from all member states to take part.  "We already know that increased awareness reduces energy consumption" says Nigel Orchard, "it's our job to get this across to the people that matter, right down to the smallest domestic consumer."

Hosted by Endessa, the Spanish utility giant, the group includes delegates from UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

For more information on joining the Alliance contact:

Nigel Orchard
Pilot Systems

London based international charity installs MeterPod PDF Print E-mail
The Council for World Mission, which own Ipalo house in Great Peter Street SW1 run MeterPods on each floor, including office space that they are leasing out to commercial tenants.

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