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Smart metering will soon be coming to the UK. This site will keep you updated on progress.

There are a number of beneficiaries of smart metering, the main ones being Consumers, Energy Suppliers, Distribution Businesses, Government (to meet E.U. obligations), and 3rd-party Vendors of products and services. The roll-out costs should be met by these parties in proportion to their benefits. Care must be taken to ensure the consumer does not meet all the costs and the supplier does not reap all the benefits. This can only happen with a good working metering market, where the customer (whoever he is) has maximum choice. Energy requirements are changing monthly, and we must ensure technology rolled-out will support UK PLC for generations to come.

Below are responses to consultations from government (DECC) and the energy regulator (Ofgem). We welcome any comments you may have on these responses, and encourage you to communicate your views directly, individually or from your organisation as soon as you can, while decisions are being made.

ESTA the Trade Association for around 120 businesses involved in demand side energy reduction, probably the UKs consolidated experts on energy savings, have made a number of recent responses to consultations, shown below. Interoperability is one of the key factors (making sure you don't pay for a smart meter twice just because supplier's systems are incompatible).

Our ideal specification for a Smart Meter is now emerging - please feel free to review and critique.

The Open Pipe Group has now been formed to deliver a better working market in Smart Meters.

GB Companion Spec - for Interoperability - could you implement to this, by 2014 ?

ESTA Paper to DECC Select Comittee April 2013    Telecast of Comittee

Ownership of Communications Hub - ESTA - May 2012

Every Smart Meter needs a FLAG Port, by Security Experts CCL (April 2012)

Response to Ofgem Review of Metering Arrangements - ESTA - March 2012

Response to DECC - Prohibition Order for DCC - ESTA - March 2012

Response to Open Letter from Charles Hendry - ESTA - Feb 2012

In House Display (IHD) Detailed Design - ESTA Comments (Feb 2012)

Interoperability (ESTA October 2011)

Draft License and Technical Specifications (ESTA October 2011)

Data Access (Privacy) (ESTA October 2011)

HotHouse Issues raised

Issues Letter from ESTA to the Smart Meter Program Director

Response to Ofgem Prospectus Part 2 October 2010

Proposed System Specification October 2010

Response to Elexon Profile and Settlements Review

Response to Ofgem Prospectus Part 1 September 2010

Response to Ofgem Transition from Advanced to Smart Meters September 2010

Response to Ofgem Questions on Interoperability April 2010

Meeting with Shadow Energy Minister - March 2010

The Smart Decision - Article in Water Energy and Environment - Feb 10

MPU Consultation - Sept 09

Empowering the Customer - Article in Water Energy and Environment - Sept 09

Our Response to DECC Consultation on Smart Metering August 2009

Presentation at NEC Piazza Suite September 2008

Ofgem Consultation on Interoperability

BERR Consultation on Supply License

BERR Consultation on Smart Metering for SME

NCC Consumer Implications

NCC Towards Sustainable Energy Tariffs

ERA Domestic Smart Metering 29th October 2008

Minister on Smart Metering 29th October 2008

Our Response to BERR Consultation on SME Smart Metering, October 2008

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